8 "cleaners" every day to help my mother sweeping trash

These two days, a photo of MOM and children help cleaners swept garbage Internet hit. Many users are children's filial piety, many netizens also questioned: "new year's day, such a small boy helped mother sweep Fireworks confetti, is this real or hype? ”

yesterday morning, the reporters came to photo sites – in jiangpu streets River Street community, visit the 8-year-old boy helped mother sweep.

he knows

older MOM, to help her

yesterday morning, the reporter in dijing garden saw Tong Guanqun, he pressed them, ready to sweep a trash sent to the waste transfer station next to it. "This sweeping garbage are not more than a few days ago, I can ride it. "Small CA said," MOM older than other students my mother, I want to help her do something. "Mother Zhao Chuanying pushed the car forward.

47-year old Zhao Chuanying district has more than 200 households living in charge of clean every morning and afternoon, she would come to the community cleaning. As often with her mother sweep, many people in the community are aware of Crown group. "The mother is not easy, a person pulling a House, but there is such a thoughtful son, she was pleased. "Said Auntie Liang who lives in communities on River Street.

in memory of CA, dad was in bed when he was very young. At that time, MOM to go outside during the day to sweep small CA home to take care of my father. Unfortunately, two years ago, my father died of cancer. Crown also has a half-brother, the sisters being away at College, a family of three living on mother over more than 900 Yuan a month salary. CA like eating potato chips and chicken legs, but few can have. By day, he is not required to buy this buy that, "because my mother never eat between meals. ”

he is not afraid of hardship

hand cut continued to sweep

this winter is especially cold in the morning, mother to son out to sweep, let the CA to the community playing a good Samaritan home, CA does not agree, must come with MOM and cleaning.

from last winter to this spring, every morning, he followed his mother, mother with a big broom to scraps of paper into one place, CA scraps with a small broom sweeps into a dustpan. "He is doing a serious, sweeping a lap down in the morning, he was sweating. "My mother is a little distressed son.

Crown Group hands labeled band, asked what happened, little smile and said, "I'm fine, just two days. "It turns out that small CA often accidentally catch small hand broom was past and bamboo branches break, he does not fear pain, affixed after the band, pick up the broom and sweep.

reporters asked him to sweep the bitter suffering, Crown group head shake. Some confetti in the flower beds, bad broom swept, CA was kneeling on the ground with his hands to pick up. Reporters found that the left leg at the knee of his pants torn a small hole, "outside of the pants is too thin, easily broken, it doesn't matter, I also wear two. ”

perhaps know beauty, CA a little shy, squat my knees and don't want to be seen opening.

he was to meet

new year finally eat potato chips

this spring, mother Awards CA 10 dollars pocket money. Because CA final exam language got 100 points, the class. CA is very happy, he bought a bag of your favorite tomato-flavored potato chips. "Mother agreed to let me go 6 piece home, let me play with my brother. "CA says MOM and 10 pocket money is the best new year gift to children of the same age is his most fun thing.

when a mother's promise, CA will be satisfied, and sweep the floor with her mother was very happy. But aunt POON, Director of the community school bags last year had broken down, wearing a winter shoes are old, CA also want to carry a new bag, wearing warm coats and shoes school ... ...

yesterday afternoon, when reporters were leaving when jiangpu, CA sad. He hoped that the next time someone can sit and play to his house. Parting Shi, mother Zhao Chuanying vision to said, future home of days will crossed more good, because big daughter will College graduated has, now also in a glasses shop do part-time money has, son school learning results also good, himself years Hou of wage also will rose some, again plus Street community throughout of helping...... "I think this year of years had have is warm, is happy, son and is sensible Ken learning, I on relief has. ”

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