Clean ball to fit into clothes

1. Synthetic clothing should be clean ball. Contact may cause infection of synthetic oil soiled clothes or brown markings, not easy to clean. General clothing store, it is best to wash, dry, and dry thoroughly. If cotton, wool and other clothes are put together can be synthetic or natural cleaning and other excellent repellent and therefore does not affect the strength and stretch synthetic fibres.  

2。 Light colored clothing, Embroidered silk "gold", "Silver" clothing brand should not be used. Because they are volatile gas and clean ball contact easier so that the fabric yellowing, "gold", "Silver" wire.

3。 Clothes in plastic bags should not be clean ball. Because low heat at room temperature, the molecules in constant motion, separated from the white crystals into gas, resistance gave off a pungent smell. If you use plastic bags with clothes, their reactions, the adhesion of plastic deformation or expansion, damage clothes.

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