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Today, people's living standards constantly improving, more and more people have higher requirements for hygiene. Essential cleaning tools for cleaning balls as the home life, its strong detergency, is clean of every home help is widely used in households, hotels, hotels, schools, offices and other places. &Nbsp;

  clean ball has the following characteristics:

   1, diverse styles, dansidanqiu, two-wire single ball, duosidanqiu, double screen double ball, ball, handsome in appearance, economical and practical.

   2, high-quality raw materials, water-drawing made, no oil, no rust, clean and bright, soft and flexible.

   3, spiral in preparation, stains and strong, not flaky, not hurt hand, does not damage the surface, can be reused for a long time.

   4, there is a strong antibacterial effect, inhibit reproduction causes the stench of mold, do not pollute the environment.

   5, widely used in households, hotels and restaurants pan to wash the dishes, cooker, cooking oil for cleaning, and industrial buildings and dirt removal.

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