Disinfection cabinets not lockers

Many people have the habit of eating breakfast outside. But you know dishes you may do only simple flush on the table? Recently, the city health authority is divided into six groups, to law enforcement, the city breakfast. Inspection found many restaurants to meet the "disinfection" tricks one after another.

     disinfector on site storage of toilet paper

     hospital in a path set for Fireworks, brought together nearly seven or eight breakfast. When law enforcement officers arrived, is the peak of people eating breakfast. Within these storefronts, reporters found that each store is equipped with disinfection Cabinet, but these disinfection cabinets do not play their role. Most of the sterilizer when lockers use, put noodles inside, packed dressing takeout cartons, there are even used for storing toilet paper.

     faced upon the request of law enforcement personnel, also vowed that one of the boss, usually use a sterilizer. When asked how to use is checked, they can't even find plugs into.

     Health Department reviews: disinfection Cabinet does not work properly, or disinfection ability enough, even some only as decoration in there, there is no disinfection, should consumers wary. If the long-term use of such raw dishes, which carry germs may again become the source of infection.

     second table into the yellow wash water

     disinfection cabinets used for decoration, the breakfast dishes and how to clean, there are no disinfection measures? Reporters with more than law enforcement personnel into the breakfast room.

     a detergent bubbles floating in the great basin, although the water is yellow and has a lot of food, but the staff kept to put dishes. "Here after washing, rinse with water, then put it in boiling water for disinfection. "The restaurant owner said. However, when law enforcement officials further inquiries where the boiling water to burn when and where, they faltered.

     Health Department reviews: in accordance with the relevant requirements, tableware, "a three-four cleaning disinfection, washing, erqing and" Bowl without disinfection is not directly provided to the customer. If you do not have a separate cleaning disinfection and cleaning facilities, sufficient capacity and does not use centralized sterilization, food service is not possible.


     issues breakfast rectification

     business owners "to deal with the" disinfection, public taste was not healthy, plus there are no relevant regulations related to breakfast table, these constitute the three problems of hygiene of tableware to universal.

     Wei Jian, the official said, in order to make a profit, many street flour owner on tableware disinfection procedures on the province to province. According to incomplete statistics, the city's approximately 10,000 passengers a day in small restaurants to eat powder and flour, but use the disinfection of the breakfast table number less than 1000.

     according to the Changsha section breakfast disinfect dishes problems, the municipal health authority says Liao Dengfeng, Director, by focusing on the problems put forward rectification opinions of breakfast, breakfast does not have the facilities and conditions, recommend the use of concentrated disinfecting breakfast Bowl; can not meet the requirements for corrective action, joint authorities will be banned.

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