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Why a foreigner makes a living cleaning industry now the service industry grew rapidly, home cleaning is no exception. Any organization ability, good business skills, people with leadership potential, this service can be turned into for-profit business entities.

I spent 15 years of effort, learned the tricks of knowledge into profits. In my life, I have found there are three different types of people: people who use cleaning service, persons in need of cleaning services, as well as people who intend to use cleaning services. No doubt, it is difficult to imagine a huge market.

cleaning is one of the oldest profession in the world, it can make people's lives a comfortable and organized. Maid in this industry's origins can be traced back to 1861. The industrial revolution created a middle class, number of for rich new family has been far behind the development of the times. Older workers began to organize on maid service to make a profit.

at that time, some workers is very small, the smallest is only 9 years old, working conditions are very poor. But in 1931, the United States National Service Committee was set up to improve working conditions, the industry is picking up since then. As the population continues to grow, more and more working couples, the need for cleaning services is growing every year.

relatively speaking, this type of business is easy to do, as long as the right way, in any city or town can operate in any country.

but because of the low barrier to entry, success is easier, so many people decide to go into this industry every year, there are a considerable number of people decided to quit, it's not surprising. Due to home cleaning is not complicated, so I can only win in the details, so it is necessary to provide high quality services to customers. My purpose in writing this book is to tell you to provide high quality services, to learn advanced experience, enthusiasm alone is not enough.

Nevertheless, the cleaning service is profitable. From a market perspective, maintaining cleanliness industry has great potential, can develop into big business has more than one branch and franchise stores. Is your business going to rent office space, employment, purchasing means of transport, or even develop your own product, design a personalized level of customer service. To keep a small business, in fact, is also a problem. The expansion of business scale of only your own desires and limit financial goals, you can choose to stroll, to small business in your area. What to do, the decision is up to you.

originally done for those middle managers who entered the industry means they will have less time to earn the same amount of money, a chance to get senior management posts. Home cleaning business from start to finish can make money, even if you're retired or changed hands. Included in your business's value is that it give you an edge, the advantages are those working behind the scenes cleaning and many made a living by cleaning the individual does not have.

no matter what goals you have, this book is your guide to a successful. Successful reward is profit and a sense of achievement. As long as common sense, skill and determination, you will succeed.

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