"New clean-in China" in Beijing railway station

By China's detergent industry association, China International cleaning industry exhibition jointly organized by the Organizing Committee of "new clean-China" Beijing railway station and "rediscover the value of clean" entrepreneur talk show recording activity will be held on October 31, 2011 digital North Media Centre at 13:30 Studios, and will be "health channel" broadcast.

this event is not only a popular to the public awareness of clean and healthy, or cleaning industry with major users of matchmaking, is more condensed clean power industry event.

     talk show recording activity, China's detergent industry association President Zheng Wuhong, green chemistry, Chairman and General Manager Wei Jianhua, Ecolab, global Senior Vice President, Xu sheng, Chairman and Managing Director of greater China macro, Karcher (Shanghai) cleaning systems, General Manager of Mahone will revolve around clean on human life significance, bottlenecks and development of cleaning industry trends and other topics for dialogue.

     It is understood that the cleaning is an important symbol of the degree of civilization of a country, a nation. With people on high quality life of constantly pursuit, and urbanization process of increasingly speed up and business of flourish, clean has just traditional meaning Shang of cleaning cleaning, in China step entered world power of forest of pace in the, clean hosted has upgrade people life quality, guarantees people health, created beautiful environment, maintenance national image, power China economic of mission, development in the of China needed out traditional, and latest of clean concept and way, and looks forward to again review and mining "clean" of value.

     in this regard, China clean Expo organizing Committee Secretary-General for his decision, "said the new clean" is not just high-tech, green, environmentally clean technologies and clean concept, is a pursuit of efficiency, health, beauty and modern lifestyle. China clean Expo organizing Committee will join industry leaders, experts and scholars, into 6 major cities across the country through more than 10 per cent more than the news media tracking reports, the "new clean" for wide dissemination and brilliant interpretation.

     It is understood that this event strongly supported by the various media, Phoenix, China industry news, HC cleaning NET, HC hotels, family health, Chinese food, cleaning consultants, cleaning the world, China's property management, industrial and public facilities more than more than 10 media tracking reports.

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