"Plastics" analysis treatment waste plastic cleaning industry in Hebei province

How to do in economic development is not at the expense of the environment? "Plastic" title of wenan in Hebei province, in parallel with the development of waste plastics recycling, actively carry out treatment of waste plastic washing processing industry standards, and strive to promote economic environment.  

in the 1980 of the 20th century found that waste plastic recycling industry, people. After more than 30 years of development, and gradually form a Zhen as the Center, across town, Zhen Hua Mu Han, Sun Zhen, Tai Wai Ho Xiang, Xin Zhuang district, Dong Cun district towns (zone) set of waste plastic recycling, sorting, categorizing, cleaning, pelletizing, distribution, products manufactured in one of the largest plastic market in North China. Meanwhile, showing a low-end roughing and high-tech research and development pattern of State development, especially with the increasing market demand for recycled plastic, low-end industries such as washing and roughing, granulating, showing a sharp rise, a series of environmental pollution is increasing, the broad masses to this response.

the end of June 2011, Wen an County, the County Government started normative regulation of waste plastics cleaning industry initiatives, clearly 3 years time to regulate waste plastic cleaning industry. By the end of 2011, 3,557 cleaning process has basically suspend throughout the County, 2,094 demolition smash equipment, cut off power 3,448, and transport of waste plastic vehicles more than 600 vehicles, 18 yard has been cleared.

for specification of waste plastics industry, Wen an County, the County Government did not take the "one size fits all", but rather formulate preferential policies, providing worry-free service and actively helping the transformation and upgrading of waste plastic washed to achieve, step up industrial development level, optimizing and adjusting industrial structure, solve the problems of waste plastic processing industry.

currently, over 1600 families apply in restructuring old plastic cleaning and processing, 770 acceptance through successful small secured loans for any 42 2.1 million Yuan; 171 were settled in the environmental protection industry Park waste plastic washing processing base register, 32 of them had to pay the deposit.

at present, the analysis regional pollution caused by waste plastic washing processing industry has been basically brought under control, the waste plastic washing processing industry norms campaigns has been the superior leadership and public support and recognition.

Wen-sky blue, water NET, environmental quality improved significantly. Analysis EPA monitoring data displayed, 2011, analysis city two level and the above days up 344 days, which a level days 96 days (than 2010 high out 52 days), air quality significantly upgrade; 2011 Zhao Wangxin Canal downstream Ann in Tun bridge (exit) section water COD concentration are value for 36.3mg/L (2010 COD concentration are value for 38.8mg/L); groundwater lead, and CD, heavy metal content obviously declined.

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