Those cleaning products should not be placed in the bathroom

United States mangaosi, the famous cancer doctor said: "housing, have highest cancer risk in the bathroom, toilet chemicals stored too much. "What items left in the toilet easy to harm health? , Such as disinfectants, washing powder, toilet cleaning products, is a health hazard.

     disinfectant of main components is chlorine, and phenol, and aldehyde, material, stability are not strong, shelved long has, will occurred decomposition reaction, met high temperature, and high wet is easy evaporation, long-term inhalation can stimulus respiratory, injury respiratory Mucosa, even induced cell variation and led to leukemia, and lung cancer,; detergent, and laundry liquid, and clean toilet agent is containing fluorescent agent, and chlorine, and four chlorine vinyl,, easy caused skin allergy; pipes clean agent will produced ammonia, Irritating to eyes and respiratory tract, furniture and floor polishes containing phenol, nitrobenzene and other, can irritate the skin and mucous membranes, and endanger people.

     narrow toilet cannot guarantee air circulation and easy to accumulate a lot of cleaning evaporates gas. Especially in the bath, gas and body "intimate contact", are more likely to cause illness. Therefore, disinfectants, detergents and other cleaning products do not pile up in the toilet, preferably in a well-ventilated place. When in use, carefully read the instructions, and Windows open for ventilation, to reduce health risks.

     in addition, some families like placing deodorant in the bathroom, to disguise the odor, but the deodorant are chemical compounds, prolonged exposure is harmful to the body. So, try not to place the bathroom deodorant, often can open a window or turn on fan to disperse odor.

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