High altitude installation removed

High altitude installation removed

First, to undertake a variety of chimney and water tower (brick, concrete, steel) construction, installation, reinforcement, removal, increased and   strengthening concrete shell sliding, tilt correction, replacement liners, cleaning dust brush buoy color wheel, ladders, platforms, shelters, lightning and other open-pit metal reinforcement and painted anti-corrosion maintenance replacement.

II, and chimney decorative landscaping, and chimney added hoop reinforcement, brick chimney demolition heightened, chimney Roman tilt correction, chimney replaced within lining, chimney expanded or narrowed top mouth, chimney within wall clear gray dust, chimney increased, chimney crack patch, chimney top mouth patch, old package hoop paint replaced, maintenance or replaced avoidance mine facilities, chimney maintenance anti-corrosion, brick chimney cement outside painted, round kiln maintenance, and replaced within lining, and smoking force enough chimney increased,.

three, chimneys, installation of lightning rods, beacon lights, installation of steel chimney, chimney new ladders, security platforms, safety fence, chimneys, roof ladder and tower installation (280m).

four, the demolition of the chimney (brick, concrete), the water tower demolition, all kinds of iron stopped demolition, dismantle the upper framework of concrete, steel chimney removed.

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